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You will go down in history for your contribution in advancing our understanding about human mindset. World Cognition Project is one of the largest longitudinal research projects in the world that will help to eliminate uncertainty involving educational outcomes, teaching, parenting and schooling.

World Cognition Project (WCP)

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Core Objectives
To bring certainty in educational endeavours, career building, the journey of life and potential worthy success
Quantify & Standardize
To develop, quantify and standardize measurable units for ‘Self-Confidence’, ‘Academic Engagement Index’ and ‘Core Learning skills’
Identify & Maximize
To scientifically identify and maximise true potential of students by bringing teachers and parents on the same page
Unique Learning Needs
To address unique learning needs of every student in a classroom and validate research hypothesis

Schools, children and parents across the world are about to transform the world. Give yourself and your school a chance to get immortalized.

To Scientifically Prove & Establish

Students with better cognitive abilities and self confidence perform better in academics
Students when engaged in personalized learning activities become naturally inclined to academics
Early identification of cognitive abilities and learning nature of students can help improve their self confidence & academic engagement
Cognitive abilities of students improve significantly when complementary pedagogy is delivered around their natural ability and strength areas

Research Process

<span style="font-weight: bold;">Mindset Test-Assessment</span>
Mindset Test-Assessment
Duration 60 Minutes / Online
Select students are assessed on online advanced cognitive ability tests. At home or school.

It assesses child's current level of cognitive abilities, strengths, complete learning nature including focus, decision making speed, creative quotient, dynamic intelligence quotient, learning pace and style.
<span style="font-weight: bold;">Customized Solutions</span>
Customized Solutions
Weekly 30-60 Minutes 
Based on the test analysis, customized non-academic cognitive solutions shall be delivered.

Delivery of solutions is flexible and can be home based or school based, depending on the weekly time availability and at the discretion of school. It could be cognitive task worksheets, reading or writing activities or offline experiential activities.
<span style="font-weight: bold;">Tracking &amp; Monitoring</span><br>
Tracking & Monitoring
20-30 Minutes per Month
Tracker tests are conductedafter six months to measure the outcomes.

Besides 20-30 minute monthly engagement, if possible, by individual parent or the school is sufficient to help answer some of the research questions asked online about the child during the project.

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Unlock Data Science (UDS)

Schools get their personalized UDS dashboard

Students have different learning nature. What works for one student, may not work for others. You need to identify and address the unique needs of every student, without distracting academic goals. And without putting additional pressure on teachers. UDS just does that for you. It's a scientifically validated platform that assists you in personalizing your approach towards students.

Our previous R&D works, standardization reports, case studies, evidence of effectiveness reports are published in European Journal of Behavioral Sciences, Inderscience UK, International Journal of Indian Psychology and many other highly reputed journals. Our works are presented at world's most reputed platforms including Re-imagine Education San Francisco USA, ICARSS London and SG 2020 powered by Google at California, USA.
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A longitudinal research study to advance our understanding about human mindset, human potential and our unique learning nature. Powered by CRACS Centre for Research in Applied Cognitive Sciences cracslab.com
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