Principal Management Team
<p>Janice Pearl D'souza</p>

Janice Pearl D'souza

Director Worldscape
Janice is a behavioural consultant, working in organizational and people development in the public, private and non-profit sectors across the globe. She has worked with almost all major MNCs and Brands.
<p>Mukesh Boobalan</p>

Mukesh Boobalan

Director Worldscpae
Two and a half decades of multi-disciplinary experience across the board, the man who’s always got a plan, a Corporate Powerhouse!
<p>Hemant Nanda</p>

Hemant Nanda

CEO Cracslab
Co-Founder and Director Research for CRACSLAB - a leading research & development organization in the field of cognitive science.


A longitudinal research study to advance our understanding about human mindset, human potential and our unique learning nature. Powered by CRACS Centre for Research in Applied Cognitive Sciences